Dissy Diesel 1000lt Poly Diesel Transfer Tank



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Whether it be a tractor out on the farm, an excavator on a job site, or even exploring the bush with your mates in your 4wd, down time is something that everyone wants to keep to a minimum.  Running out of diesel at a time when you’re working to a deadline, or trying to beat the rain, is just as frustrating as the jerry cans you have to lug around or worse, waiting for a refill!

Dissy Diesel tanks are robust. Made from tough UV stabilised plastics, they are made using a rotational moulding process.  This ensures a consistent stronger wall thickness that’s made to withstand tough Australian weather conditions.

Dissy Diesel tanks come with a pad-lockable lid, and also have the added extra protection of a pad-lockable nozzle handle.

All the Dissy Diesel range come with a 12v self-priming transfer pump and alligator clips to connect to your chosen power supply (12v battery).  The long 4m leads allows you to easily reach your vehicles battery terminals with ease.

Whether you purchase the 100lt or the 1000lt all of our range of Dissy Diesel tanks come with 4 metres of delivery hose. This allows plenty of room for refilling and eliminates the worry of having to have the refueling vehicle/tank right next to the vehicle you’re trying to refuel. Our 1000lt tanks come standard with our automatic digital auto-shutoff fuel nozzle.

Dissy Diesel tanks come with ergonomic carry handles and provisions for tie-down straps to ensure that your tank remains safe and secure when transporting it. Our 1000lt tank has recesses for forklift tines (all tanks should only be moved when empty).

All Dissy Diesel tanks come with a breather to stop the tank walls from ‘sucking in’ when filling your vehicle. They also come with a drain plug for emptying out the tank completely. Recessed slots for the delivery hose on both sides of the tank lid allow for easy pack up as the hose can loop outside the tank rather than having to be packed up into the lid with each use.

Our 1000lt tank also comes with baffle balls inside the tank for greater stability and to reduce the risk of diesel displacement.


  • Model: DD1000
  • 1000 Litre Tank Capacity
  • Heavy Duty UV Stabilised Rotomolded Polyethylene Tank
  • 12 Volt Self-priming Diesel pump
  • 50LPM/13.2GPM Open flow
  • Pad lockable Lid Latch
  • High quality auto-shut off nozzle
  • 4 m of 3/4″ delivery hose with swivel and crimped fittings
  • 4 meter electric wiring harness with alligator clips
  • Integrated Tie down Provisions For Securing Tank
  • Baffle balls included in tank
  • Product dimensions: 1680mm x 1135mm x 895mm
  • Unit Weight approx 100kg
  • 3 Year Tank & 12 Month Pump Warranty